Studies show that poverty and education go hand and hand. Almost half of all Americans who are born into poverty and did not receive a college degree stayed in the lowest income bracket, while only 16% of those who earned a degree did not see an increase in their own income compared to their parents.

Wesley House understands this link and from our pre-school to our adult education classes, we do what we can to combat the underlying problem.

Our Preschool is a low cost preschool for 2-4 year olds. The cost for attending the preschool is $75 per week if paying with automatic bank draft or $90 per week if paying with cash. Preschool  hours are from 7AM until 5:30 PM.

GED classes are held at Wesley House in conjunction with Meridian Community College.

The Wesley House Pre-School

We are proud to offer an excellent Pre-School program at the Wesley House beginning with children age 2 until they can attend Kindergarten. We recognize that the start of a child’s education is vital to their life learning and we work to prepare children in several ways. In addition to work with social skills we cover a full set of curriculum in early childhood development to include counting, colors, and letters. We are proud to have our children reading when they attend Kindergarten in the fall.


Adult Education

We partner with Meridian Community College to provide accredited adult education programs that can impact those who are learning later in life. Students may register through MCC and attend their course work at the Wesley House.

We Can Change Everything Together.