The East Mississippi Sexual Assault Crisis Center (EMSCAC) is available to all victims of sexual assault. EMSACC provides counselling services and advocacy services to sexual assault victims and their families. EMSACC’s crisis lines gives victims 24/7 access to resource and referral information as well as in person support when needed at local emergency rooms. There is no charge for any of the services provided by EMSACC.

The EMSACC also provides prevention services to the community through various programs. Staff provides trainings throughout the year in various locations.  These trainings can be requested by any local agency, church, or community group and they focus on empowering community members to respond safely to community issues such as violence, child abuse, etc.  Staff are also available to speak to groups, clubs, school staff, or others as requested on topics such as child abuse, human trafficking, sexual assault, and other issues related to child abuse and sexual assault.  For more information, just go to the contact us section of the website and let us know what you need or feel free to call us.

The EMSACC has a Sexual Assault Crisis line that is answered 24/7.

The crisis line number is 601-482-2828. The crisis line is answered by trained staff and volunteers. The staff and volunteers are available through the crisis line to provide referral and resource information and crisis support for victims of sexual assault. Both EMCAC and EMSACC focus on ensuring that all victims and their families are provided the support and resources that will help them on their journey to hope and healing.

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