Wesley House assists people with their rent, utilities and prescription medications after appropriate documentation is provided. Each applicant is reviewed carefully in order to determine eligibility.

We offer a large clothing room and food pantry that serve many people in the area. If you are in need of these items, please visit Wesley House Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

During the holidays, Wesley House provides Thanksgiving food bags to qualified applicants and at Christmas, families can receive food bags and toys for their children. The application period for holiday assistance begins in October. If you would like to apply, please come by our offices and fill out an application.

“Wesley House gave my family a chance to enjoy the journey of life during some very difficult times we faced. They are not only an amazing ministry, but a place of refuge and hope!”

— Anonymous

Criteria for Assistance

We offer bill pay assistance toward prescriptions, utilities, and housing. These funds may only be applied annually to a member of each household. The distribution of funds is based on our budget, donations, and the number of requests we are able to assist, therefore, we may typically only be able to offer $100. per application. This is a very subjective decision and we try to assess needs based on the following:


With our assistance, will the individual be able to sustain themselves (pay their own bills) in the future. We look for individuals to participate in their own restoration as well. Therefore, employment or income of some type is necessary.

Range of Bill

How much assistance is needed. Bills that are left for several months and accrue a large balance may be out of the range for the assistance we can offer.

Threat to Life

Is there an imminent threat to one’s life without assistance.

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